Forbidden Pleasure was started up in 2000. Hosting parties to introduce male and females to the erotic adult toy industry in the comfort of their own home. Due to such a positive response, we started to occupy and fill empty function rooms in pubs all across Ireland, introducing erotic adult toys to a much larger group. Forbidden Pleasure as you can imagine, flourished dramatically.

After a long decision,(14 years to be exact) we decided to spark the connection to the world wide web. Why so long? “Fear”, fear of losing the one to one connection with our devoted customers and newcomers, but instead, going live will have the opposite effect? The “Positive” effect.
Enabling us to have a stronger focus on our demanding customers countrywide, offering a much wider range of top quality brand products and you as our customer can still thrive from our affordable prices.
Whether your in a relationship or going solo, sex and pleasure is one of the most powerful, thrusting, intimate time for everyone. Being able to explore and express what turns you or your partner on, to a point of releasing all your sexual madness is one of the most natural feelings everyone can have or share. The great emotion of fulfillment as all those magical endorphins race through your body is mind-blowing.
Guilt should never enter the equation!

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